• Setup and Stagging

    Setup and Stagging are of core importance serving the foundation of our gatherings.

    Responsibilities: Bring out of storage our 20ft Hop Up backdrop, and all pertinent sound gear, assembling it all in preparation for the arrival of the ministry team following after you.

    The work you do allows the Praise and Worship Team, as well as the leadership team, to get right to setting up their respect items and focus on their respective ministry. All thanks to your hard work and devotion. Amazing!

  • Video Capture and Live Streaming (OBS)

    Set up video capture equipment, erect camera stations, and run our OBS program for capturing video and audio of the gatherings! 

    The work you do allows those unable to join in person to feel a part of the gathering and church family! Not to mention capture a record of the gathering for future enjoyment. Well done.

  • Sound Engineer (In House)

    Using our saved template (half the work is done for you) on Behringer X32 you ensure all channels/groups are connected, ‘unmuted’, and ready to go.

    Followed by checking/adjusting the levels of instruments and vocalist, and finally mixing the overall sound to the delight of the listener and worshipper.

    All of this is done on a tablet app. Cool huh!

    The work you do allows the listener to engage in worship without a distraction, as well as allows the Praise and Worship team to lead with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Sound Engineer (DAW Reaper)

    Using our saved ‘Broadcast Template’ (half the work is done for you), you ensure the respective instruments, vocalist channels, and bus groups are at proper levels, followed by mixing an overall delightful livestream mix for the listener and worshipper.

    At the click of a button, you have the ability to adjust the volume of channels, ‘mute’ channels, and groups in real-time.

    The work you do allows the listener to engage in worship without a distraction, as well as ensures that service or event is recorded for editing purposes and future enjoyment.

  • Signage

    Signage captures the attention of those passing by. A helpful visual to encourage one to check things out. Also, provides helpful information so people feel more at home.

    Responsibilities: Setup our 10ft Flag Pole Banner, Welcome Parking Signs, and indoor Welcome Signage by 2:10 p.m.

    The work you do fosters another avenue in which people can be drawn in. All thanks to your diligence and joy. Outstanding!